The Best 5 Wine Fridge Coolers in the UK

In this round up we take a look at the top 5 wine fridge coolers currently on Amazon UK and find out why they are so popular, and highly rated.

NewAir AW210ED Streamline 21 Bottle Dual Review

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Russell Hobbs 8 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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Husky Reflections 16 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

This Husky wine cooler is a stylish and sleek design that is perfect for kitchen worktops, it will hold 16 wine bottles removable racks and has a touch screen interface on the… Read more »

Russell Hobbs RH8WC1 8 Bottle Cooler Review

The Russell Hobbs RH8WC1 is a horizontal worktop fridge and cooler that will hold 8 wine bottles. In terms of size and style it is like a stylish black microwave, a similar size… Read more »

Husky HN7 Dual Zone Reflections Wine Chiller

The Husky HN7 Dual Zone Reflections Wine Chiller will hold 24 bottles and has a 69 litre capacity. There are two compartments which have there own door and are individually temperature controlled, ideal… Read more »

Russell Hobbs Two Zone 32 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

This Russell Hobbs 32 Bottle Wine Cooler has two cooling zones which allows you to have a wine fridge with two different temperature compartments. Each zone has 4 racks holding 4 bottles… Read more »

Russell Hobbs 34 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

When it comes to wine coolers for the home this is certainly one to consider as it is one of the best sellers on the Amazon UK site, and after taking a… Read more »