Fastest Electric Boiling Kettles on the Market

Kitchen kettles have become a very efficient and useful device in the kitchen, and have made boiling water much faster. 

By Kitchen Gadget Box

Kitchen kettles have become a very efficient and useful device in the kitchen, and have made boiling water much faster. 

As we advance into the future of our age, electric kettles have become incredibly popular and wanted by many because they have the ability to heat water instantly. This means that whenever a person is looking to heat water to its boiling point, if they use an electric kettle, they will be able to achieve the water temperature to this level in an instant.

Any electric kettle that you purchase will get the job done very quickly, however, if you are looking to purchase the best and fastest electric kettle on the market then these following electric kettles are the ones that are recommended.

Cuisinart CPK-17

Cuisinart CPK17U Multi Temp

One of the top selling brands, as well as the most recommended, is the Cuisinart CPK-17. This electric kettle has been said to keep the perfect temperature for any occasion, and it is incredibly fast at heating up. It comes equipped with 1500 watts of power, it can bring up 1-2/3 liters of water to a very quick and rapid boil in just a matter of minutes, it has 6 different preset heat settings, and it comes equipped with simple one-touch controls on the handle of the electric kettle. The control panel on the Cuisinart CPK-17, has blue LED indicators that have buttons labelled “start” and “keep warm”.

The handle is designed as a non-slip and it has the ability to stay cool so that you are able to handle and pick up the kettle without getting yourself burned or injured. It also has a 1.7 liter capacity, so that you are able to boil quite a bit of water in such a fast amount of time. This amazing kettle with also be able to keep itself at the same temperature for up to 30 minutes after you set it to keep warm. One of the best features about the Cuisinart CPK-17 electric kettle, is that it has the ability to automatically shut-off if it is being heated with not enough water inside of it. To cool this kettle off you can simply turn it off and let it cool off by itself, or you can fill it with cold water and this will allow for it to cool down quicker. Also, if it is not in use within 5 minutes, the Cusinart kettle will go into a sleep mode.

Even though the kettle will turn off, the last selections will be within the memory of this kettle, and you can just press any button to turn it back on. It has had many raving and wonderful reviews, and it is considered to be one of the best ones on the market to purchase. The customers who have purchased this kettle have claimed that it is amazing and worth the purchase, and that anyone who does buy this item will be completely satisfied with their decision. It has said to be the top choice for many individuals.

Bonavita 1-Liter Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Bonavita 1-Liter Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle

There are many customers that have great satisfaction in the Bonavita Electrick Gooseneck Kettle. Itis a 1.0 capactiystainless steel kettle that has many unique and beneficial features added into it to make it one of the best selling kettles on the market. The individual who purchases this kettle will have 6 different temperatures that they can choose from, and also will have the ability to select their own temperatures that they are needing from 140 degrees and higher. It is 1000 watts and this heating kettle will boil the water very quickly and hold the temperature for up to about an hour. It also has a gooseneck shaped spout that allows for an extremely controlled water pour. It is known across the world for its water control and the quality of the build.

The features that it contains is that the temperature that it is set on can stay that way for 60 minutes, a timer, an LED water temperature display, 1.0 liter capacity, commercial UL certified, and a powerful 1000 watt heating element. There have been many satisfied customers who have purchased this product and have found it to be one of the best electric kettles that a person can decide to purchase. It is easy to use, fast at boiling water, and brings the most satisfactory hot drinks that so many are able to enjoy from it. It has been rated at being the runner up to the best electric kettle. It is definitely a purchase that anyone should make when they are looking for the best electric kettle.

Chefman RJ11-17-GP Precision Electric Kettle

Chefman RJ11-17-GP Precision Electric Kettle

The Chefman Precision Electric Kettle is another popular electric kettle that is one of the highest ratedin the market as well. It is perfect for steeping a nice hot cup of tea. The precision temperature control ensure that each variety of tea that you steep, will be able to do so at the proper temperature. You can also remove the stainless tea infuser and use it as a regular electric kettle, so that you are able to boil water very quickly.

There are many beneficial features to this device as well. Features such as it has the ability to boil the perfect temperature of water for tea, coffee, and oatmeal, has the ability to keep water at the desired temperature for up to 60 minutes, it is cordless with a 360 degree swivel base, precision temperature control for optimalbrewing, and boils water in minutes. There are so many customers who have claimed that it is so incredibly easy to use, that the water heats up very quickly, it is an amazing kettle for brewing tea, and it is easy to use this product. It is one of the top recommended electric kettlesin the market, and is considered to be and “awesome” and beneficial purchase.


In conclusion, if you find yourself in search of an electric kettle that has the ability to quickly heat up water, that has a cool handle to grasp, keeps the perfect temperature for a long time, has special LED buttons for easy control, and many other beneficial features, then one of these electric kettles are the purchase that is best for you to make. There are so many different types of electric kettles out there in the market for anyone to purchase, however, if you are looking for the best and the fastest electric kettles that you can benefit from, then any of these 3 kettles will be the best choice of purchase for you to make. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy tea, coffee, oatmeal, and so much for in just minutes instead of having to heat the water up for these items in the microwave or on the stove. Adding one of these electric kettles to your other kitchen devices will help you to achieve all of this that you are desiring when it comes to heating water.