Best Integrated Coffee Machines

We checkout and review some of the top Built-in and integrated coffee machines from popular brands such as SMEG, NEF and Whirlpool.

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We checkout and review some of the top Built-in and integrated coffee machines from popular brands such as SMEG, NEF and Whirlpool.

Top Integrated & Built-in Coffee Machines

An integrated coffee machine should also be checked against its digital features. A good one is accompanied by a digital display panel that is attached with timer plus auto off mechanism. This is very beneficial since you can attend to other things while preparing your coffee. Additionally, with this feature you don’t have to wait for brewing of your pot of coffee to be finished, or swap out the pot and your cup (causing spilling everywhere). Instead, the valve on the machine is closed automatically when the pot is removed so that you can pour a cup of coffee before resuming the brew.

A superior quality coffee machine should have an effective water filtering equipment. This ensures that the coffee won’t have a bad flavor resulting from excess iron or any other unwanted water content.

In addition, integrated coffee machines exist in different models. Before buying one, check how well its construction is, how easy its use is and whether the pot is a simple glass or reinforced. The reinforced coffee pots are the best because they keep your coffee fresh and hot for much longer, just like a thermos.

In this hectic life, an integrated coffee machine is considered a perfect solution for both commercial and household creation of the renowned beverage. No matter which brand you choose to buy for your coffee machine, ensure it can fulfil your own needs. In particular, buy the one with latest features so that you can enjoy coffee with the finest flavors and in no time.

In most cases, these types of machines tend to have diverse feature sets and are ideal to maintain your kitchen space. More so, these types of coffee makers often feature high-end coffee production features and it also leaves a small footprint in your space as well.

Thermador BICM24CS

Best of all, it does well to improve the décor of your kitchen, and it leaves a small footprint as well. Designed with a simple to operate LCD, this coffee maker provides users with various options for enhanced customization. It features an upper bean that can hold as much as 14 ounces of beans, which are converted into sumptuous coffee through the stainless steel burr grinder.

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The specific portions of the grounds can also be customized through any of the 12 variations and in relation to the cup you use as well as the strength level. The inclusion of the separate hopper for the pre-ground beans makes it easy to prepare decaf coffee.

This machine also features a unique Swavor Swirly system that is customized for optimal flavor and the ideal granule extraction. It has a detachable water reservoir that can hold 1.9 quarts of water and with an in built feature that can be customized to the ever changing water hardness levels.

Most importantly, the included steam wand is also perfect since it delivers hot water, froth, and steam for your cold milk.

Smeg CMSU6451X 24”

Most notably, the ability of this unit to prepare to coffee beverages at the same time makes it ideal for various purposes. This makes it ideal for preparing coffee for the entire family when getting ready for the day in the morning.

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Further lending to its high-quality features is that it has a roaster bean hopper that can hold well over 200g of coffee. This can be easily improved with freshly roasted coffee to produce the ideal coffee quality. With the additional separate hopper for the ground beans, users can easily prepare decaffeinated coffee. The water pump features a commercial level 15 bar capacity, which makes it more than powerful for preparing espresso production and with a detachable water container that can deliver 1.8 liters of water.

SMEG manufacturers have also done well to include an LCD screen which makes it simple to operate the coffee maker and displays several languages. Best of all, the programmable time functions let you wake to up to fresh coffee in the morning.

Bosch TKN68E75UC Benvenuto

Featuring a well-positioned LCD, that provides fully programmable features, this machine makes it simple to customize your coffee each time. In addition to this, the smart display can also be programmed to remember as many as eight 0f your favorite coffee styles which can be chosen with a simple push of a button.

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Coffee enthusiasts will also appreciate the Benvenuto which comprises of a high-quality burr grinder that has two freshness sealed hopper for your preferred type of beans. A good recommendation would be to position the decaf in the second layer such that it’s always ready for use.

This unit also comes with a unique aroma swirl system, which has been designed to provide ensure the ideal aroma and flavor for your coffee. This is because the ground beans engulf each granule with water under high pressure for an unrivaled extraction procedure.

With the adjustable dispenser included, this machine lets users as many as 12 different cup sizes, which makes it ideal for on the go coffee benefits. Best of all, it also comes with an efficient steam wand with an aerating nozzle for smooth lattes and cappuccinos or lattes.

Brew Express BE-110WW 10-Cup Built-in Coffee System

The simple to install design means that you can easily start enjoying the best of coffee without any skills or additional mechanical tools. The Brew Express in built coffee maker is an excellent combination of unique lines, high-quality materials, and superior workmanship.

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This unit features a contemporary style and provides the convenience of a simple to use appliance, that makes brewing your coffee or hot beverages a breeze.

As a result, this unit is compact enough to fit into any kitchen, and this cuts a striking figure with the conventional gloss and matter surface that are available out there today.

Similar to all the high quality in built coffee makers, this machine has been designed to be compact and to help you free up precious counter space. All the features are well organized and simple to access for your unique coffee preparation needs. Best of all, this unit is simple to install, and the decaf feature makes it ideal for those who don’t prefer beverages with caffeine.

Miele CVA6401

We take a look at the design, features and performance of this Miele integrated coffee machine.

Miele CVA 6401 is made from durable stainless steel material. Its coffee bean container has a capacity of 500 grams. It has a whole bean system. The Miele CVA 6401 measures 452 by 595 by 530 millimetres. The grinder is cone-shaped. The grinder is also adjustable depending on the preferred fineness of the coffee.

You can also feed already ground coffee into this machine. Additionally, this machine has LED indicators that show when the coffee is brewing and when it is done. In addition, its LCD display is multi-lingual.

This coffee machine has a handle, but it is concealed so as not to interfere with its elegant look. The Miele CVA 6401 is designed with a number of convenient features. It comes with a cleaning brush, milk pipe cleaning agent, cleaning container, cleaning tablets, a milk flask, coffee spoon and descaling tablets. It also has a trim kit.

This device has impeccable water to coffee blending because of its intelligent technology. It is built such that the user can reach the water container, drip tray, waste basket and bean container easily. It is a non-plumbed coffee machine that incorporates sensor control. It also has an intensive aroma system.

This device has a built-in bean grinder. It has a grinder system that produces perfect coffee. The bean dish is detachable to help with loading the beans. The grinder crushes the beans to fine crystals.

This machine also comprises of the Aromatic system that adds to the fragrance of the coffee. With this machine, it is possible to program the grinding process, mixture of water and coffee. There are also settings for frothing to see to it that the output is remarkable.

This machine makes life simple and fun. It consistently produces great coffee because of its Easy-Click milk function and Comfort Door. It is further built so that the user can have an easier time cleaning it. Maintenance of this appliance is therefore straightforward.

Moreover, this coffee machines works with a 2800 watts power input. It further has two dispensing spouts. It has a hot water spout, and a fresh or hard water option.

The user can program different cup settings with this device. He can also fit different cups into this appliance. It allows programming to automatically rinse or clean the machine.

The Miele CVA 6401 machine also has two years guarantee. That means that you are assured of quality services for an extended period. It only takes a few steps to set-up the operation mode of this machine. The user can prepare a beverage with one touch. The Two Touch dispenses two sets of the specified drink.

The Miele CVA 6401 uses the OneTouch for Two mechanism that automates the process to produce coffee. This machine is easy to install. It can be set up on the wall or floor.

You can set up different profiles on this machine so that you enjoy a variation of coffee each time. This machine is versatile and can make a number of special drinks. It makes coffee, as expected, espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino, lungo coffee, café latte, milk foam, steamed milk and hot water. This machine also has safety features such as the water protection system. It also has a milk reservoir that connects and disconnects easily from it. The rinsing happens immediately the machine is switched on. Its system is therefore always fresh and clean. It does the rinsing on switch off too.

The user can brew up to eight cups of coffee at a go. It also has a timer function for enhanced performance.

You can get this coffee machine online at Once you order this appliance, you get it in less than a week. Purchase from this site also allows returns within 90 days, but subject to the terms and conditions.

It has a removable reservoir. This machine allows great automation that provides convenience. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain. Its milk system is very creative. It comes with the useful qualities of convenience, efficiency, safety, inventiveness and sustainability.

Its door is also very comfortable. It opens widely to allow access to the capsules, water tank, bean container, the drip tray and waste container.

With this device, the user can makes single or double coffee, cappuccino or any other drink. Most of its features are exclusive. It is so cool that it has automated cleaning aspects. It is very user friendly.

For those who enjoy high-quality coffee, it’s important to note that there are various solutions available to suit your needs. Coffee as a preferred beverage has evolved over the years to become a preferred beverage for millions of people worldwide due to its significant benefits. It’s a beverage that can be consumed at professional settings, at home or even during personal meetings as a well.

Coffee that is well prepared has a unique aroma, taste and strength as well. For this reason, preparing the best tasting coffee requires that you use a reliable solution such as the best built in coffee machines. For those who are not aware, this simply refers to specially designed coffee makers that are placed inside a designated space on the wall.

A Coffee machine is one of the most important kitchen appliances especially if you are a coffee enthusiast.

Purchasing a coffee machine of good quality is an assurance that your morning is complemented with a hot, and nice cup of coffee. This is possible only if you consider some key factors alongside cost before buying any coffee maker.

The first step in deciding which one to choose is identifying the type you want, which depends solely on the drink type you are going to prepare. Here, your decision is based on whether you want a specialty drink or the traditional drink. People who enjoy the weaker coffee taste probably prefer the standard coffee machine. Advanced models come with desirable features for example pause and pour functions allowing one to interrupt the process of brewing. Timers allow the machine to be programmed such that the brewing starts early in the morning before you even wake up. These are useful features that you need to check alongside cost before having one of your own.

Grinding capacity is also one of the key factors you should consider. Though most, if not all integrated coffee machines come with built-in grinder, a higher capacity grinder is desirable regardless of the type you go for. Built-in grinders are the most convenient especially if after grinding the ground coffee is put into the basket.

Automatic or manual? What matters a lot is the amount of effort you wish to be putting in the cup of coffee. Automatic machines prepare coffee fully while semi-automatic ones may need your support for example when adding milk or sugar to suit your taste. Note that the price differs in these two machines but this can be worked out accordingly.

Cleaning and maintenance should also be considered. Like any other machine, an integrated coffee machine needs to be cleaned and maintained properly. The pressure wands and rubber seals need to be prevented from clogging due to presence of any residue and this is possible if you wipe and clean the machine regularly. Thankfully, coffee machines whose cleaning and descaling system is in-built make things easier.

Another important factor is durability. Before purchasing an integrated coffee machine, you should be aware of how much it can handle and for how long. A good one should obviously be capable of working all day without any instance of malfunctioning. Some machines may overheat or break when used all day and thus one needs to consider how busy the equipment is going to be. The amount of water and coffee beans the machine can hold should also be considered. This is important if your aim is to be making a certain number of cups per brewing session. If you want to brew more, then go for a higher capacity coffee maker.



Buying guide for Coffee Machines

Below is a buying guide to take you through choosing the suitable coffee machine as per your needs. Basically, every coffee machine makes use of either steam pressure or pump for passing water that is heated for flavor extraction from the fine coffee grounded. Currently, there are several coffee machine types such as drip coffee, pump espresso and also capsule coffee machines.

The reason as to why you want a coffee machine- Among the first considerations is the decision on what the coffee machine is to be bought to achieve. It could be to improve quality or save costs or make impression or else prevent theft. Each purchasing goal has a specific preferred machine for it. For example, to save on cost sample machines include machine to filter coffee, for quality improvement, automatic coffee bean cup machine or capsule coffee would do.

The coffee type wanted

Do want to use your coffee machine for simple coffee provision or you intend to give straight coffee including vanilla macchiato. For espressos, capsule machines are advised. This is because they do produce quick and clean espresso with great flavor and cream. Extraction of flavor using well sat capsule machine is far much better compared what is produced using automatic machines.

The method of preservation in use makes sure the aroma and body are maintained if when not placed in limited space for large quantities. For production of only filter coffee, you only need a simple machine such as capsule coffee or straight forward machine rather than the bean-to-cup machine. For lovers of lattes and cappuccinos, bean-to-cup machines are the best since they produce milk-coffee drinks in simple ways.

The stated budget

Budgets are not similar and therefore, this calls for a consideration of the limit of an individual. Once you are factoring the price, it is not only the price of the coffee machine to be considered but as well as the coffee price.


After the machine type to buy consideration, the machine capacity or size is also considered. Capacity is defined as the fills and storage.

Backup service for the coffee machine.

Whenever purchasing electronics, service is very crucial though not many persons notice it. You should ensure that the company you purchasing from has the capability of collecting the machine and returning it from and to the storage point in case it is found faulty. Consider asking the company too if they give callouts for free in case you require some help. Nothing hurts like renting or buying coffee machine then it becomes an expensive weight just because a small thing went wrong in it. In case of renting, ensure an extra cost of maintenance plan is not paid for. Rentals cover for all the needed maintenance on the machine.

The better option between purchasing and renting.

The big question is here though it all depends on one’s preference. Each preference has its own advantages. For renting the advantages include; for already bought coffee, the rentals are hugely subsidized, there is much peace of mind and also no maintenance fee to be catered for. Purchasing your own machine also has its own advantages too which include the feeling of knowing you own the machine. However, for starting customers, it is recommended to begin with renting.

Above all the considerations, quality is crucial. Anything for best sell out depends largely on brand and quality. Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist in coffee machines before purchase rather than selecting just any appliance manufacturer.

Coffee machines have varied features which also makes a consideration during their purchase. Different coffee machines are accompanied by various features which ease and convenience their use. The preference of the features depends on the owner’s drinking habits of the coffee. Some of the features to consult from include:

Coffee machine capacity

For individuals that take only one coffee cup and they good for the day, make a consideration of single-serve machines which include capsule coffee machines. For those that drink coffee with family or are buying the machine for conferences and guests, make a choice of coffee machines of large capacity.

Digital controls

Individuals preferring waking up and getting coffee cup ready, programmable machines are available which you can make choice of. They have an automatic switch which is ever on to make sure that one gets fresh coffee cup at any time needed. In addition is a shut-off button which is automatic for those that easily forget switching off.

Thermal mug

It is a carafe that maintains your coffee hot for long time and as well prevents the coffee from burning. The mug does not come with a burner which makes it easy to carry.

Brew-strength control

Just like the name suggests, it is a feature allowing you to customize the brew type you want either weaker or else with more flavor with no need of purchasing new grinds or beans. Production of weaker brew is achieved by diversion of water away from coffee grounds and for stronger brews; the flow of water is slowed down.

Grinder that is built-in

If you intend to make use of fresh grind and coffee beans for every pot, consider buying a machine that comes with an in-built bean grinder. The only disadvantage associated with grinders is the cleaning difficulty and the tendency of coffee spilling on the ground.

Water filter

The filter is used to remove odor, chlorine as well as preventing the coffee from having an odd taste. It is highly recommended when purchasing a coffee machine to ensure it has a water filter. Individuals more concerned of the quality of water can try out faucet filter or a whole-house filter as a more reliable option.

Finally, before any decision on the coffee machine type to purchase, you should think of things like the coffee kind preferred that is either cappuccino or expresso, the coffee amount to be brewed every day either several cups or a single-serve, the most convenient features as per the individual and lastly the stated budget for the coffee machine. The machine’s prices vary according to the coffee type, ease of using the machine and its convenience.

You can check our some of the best integrated coffee machinesfor your kitchen here in our round up.