10 Best Hand Mixers

Over the past several years, stand mixers have become a staple in the kitchen. While their permanence on the counter makes them quite convenient, sometimes the portability and easy cleanup of a handheld mixer is the better choice.

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Over the past several years, stand mixers have become a staple in the kitchen. While their permanence on the counter makes them quite convenient, sometimes the portability and easy cleanup of a handheld mixer is the better choice.

If you are reading this article, odds are, you are looking to purchase a hand mixer. But searching through the available options to make a well-informed decision can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Best Hand Mixers for Every Budget

We’ve done the research for you and compiled our list of the Top 10 Best Hand Mixers.

  • Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper
  • Cuisinart HM90S Power Advantage Plus Handheld Mixer
  • OXO On Digital Hand Mixer with Illuminating Headlight
  • KitchenAid KHM7210 Hand Mixer
  • Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer
  • Betty Crocker BC-2205C Hand Mixer
  • Nesco HM-350 Hand Mixer
  • Oster FPSTHM2578
  • Krups GN4928 Digital Hand Mixer
  • Sunbeam Hand and Stand Mixer Combo

Below we have rounded up our top 10 and detailed information about each hand mixer, what we love and joy features about them.

Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper

The Breville Handy Mix Scraper is the most luxurious mixer on our list. This mixer features Beater IQ, taking the thinking out of mixing. With this technology, the unit detects the attachments you have inserted and adjusts the speed to the proper range needed.

Our Rating
A great mixer with lots of options, well built and designed making it a great choice for your kitchen and home cooking.

Two balloon whisks, two dough hooks and two scraper beaters are included with this mixer. The scraper beaters are tipped with silicone to not only scrape the bowl as you mix, but lessen the noise. This mixer also has a timer that counts up instead of down to provide more accuracy and an automatic light that illuminates your bowl.

A plastic case that holds all the attachments and clips under the unit for easy storage is also included. With a swivel cord and a non-tip heel rest, the designers at Breville have thought of everything. This hand mixer also comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • 240-watt DC motor
  • Count-up timer for accurate control
  • Mixing light feature

Cuisinart HM90S Power Advantage Plus Handheld Mixer

The technologically-advanced design and sleek look of Cuisinart products have made the brand a favorite among amateur and gourmet cooks alike. This handheld mixer is no exception.

Our Rating
This mixer comes with 2 beaters, 1 chef whisk, 2 dough hooks, 1 spatula, a recipe/instruction guide and a BPA-free storage case.

With 9 speeds, digital display and swivel cord, the Power Advantage Plus is an asset in any kitchen. This set includes 2 beaters, 1 chef whisk, 2 dough hooks, 1 spatula, a recipe/instruction guide and a BPA-free storage case.

Able to hold the mixer cord and all of the accessories, the sturdy case snaps onto the mixer for easier and more convenient storage. The Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus also comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

  • 220-watt motor and automatic feedback
  • 9 Speed Options
  • Includes extra attachments

OXO On Digital Hand Mixer with Illuminating Headlight

The ingenious designers at OXO solved a handheld mixer problem you probably didn’t even realize you had. The OXO On has a headlight that surrounds the beater insertion area. When the headlight is on, it lights up your entire bowl, allowing you to avoid splatters and make sure everything is incorporating properly.

This mixer has six speeds with a digital control and comes with 2 beaters and 2 dough hooks.

The beaters snap onto the lightweight mixer body for easy storage. It also has a flat base to allow the mixer to stand upright.

  • Light feature
  • Built in storage
  • Digital controls

KitchenAid KHM7210 Hand Mixer

KitchenAid is the company that revolutionized stand-alone mixers. The design elements that made those small appliances so popular can also be seen in their handheld mixers.

This soft grip handled, 7 speed mixer has KitchenAid’s unique Soft Start feature which gradually increases the mixing speed regardless of the speed you have selected. This attribute greatly reduces splatter as the blending process begins.

Our Rating
The 4.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl and 10 speeds easily mixes, kneads and whips your favorite ingredients.

One sixteen tine wire whisk and two stainless steel Turbo Beater II accessories come with this mixer. Other attachments, such as a blending rod and dough hooks, are available separately. Like their other small appliances, the KitchenAid KHM7210 Handheld Mixer comes in a variety of colors to complement any décor.

  • 7 Speeds
  • Soft grip handle

Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer

This handheld mixer from Hamilton Beach is a fantastic choice for budget-minded shoppers. With six speeds, it also features a Quick Burst button to give a small boost to your selected speed.

Our Rating
With 6 speeds, including the quickest button, you can adjust this kitchen mixer to accommodate any baking recipe.

The mixer is specially designed to balance on the side of the bowl to easily add ingredients without adding mess to your counters. A snap-on storage case holds the mixer cord and the included whisk and two beaters.

  • 250 Watts peak power
  • Bowel resting feature

Betty Crocker BC-2205C Hand Mixer

For nearly one hundred years, the Betty Crocker brand has been synonymous with baking. Their handheld mixer has the modern features of a 21st century blender combined with the look of their classic 20th century blender.

Our Rating
Contemporary, Ergonomic Styling With Soft-touch Handle, it also has 7-speeds with a power button option for all.

Complete with 2 wire beaters and 2 dough hooks, this lightweight, budget-friendly hand mixer has 7 speeds.

The Power Burst feature gives the mixer a little boost in speed on all 7 settings.

  • 250 watt motor
  • 7-speed With Power-up

Nesco HM-350 Hand Mixer

This Nesco mixer has the most speed options of all the handhelds on this list. The 16 speeds are managed by a digital control with a back-lit LED screen. This mixer also features a built-in timer to make following recipes easier and more precise.

Our Rating
It comes with a digital speed control for all 16 Speeds to fit all your mixing needs.

A rubberized handle provides a more comfortable grip. For easy storage, the cord wraps and clips to the mixer body. The Nesco Hand Mixer comes with 1 set of standard chrome plated turbo beaters.

  • 300 watt motor
  • 16 speed settings
  • Well priced

Oster FPSTHM2578

This Oster Handheld Mixer is budget-friendly option that is full of features. This 6 speed mixer comes with Oster’s Clean Start, which gradually speeds the mixer up to your desired setting. It also has a Burst of Power that will give a boost to your current speed.

This mixer comes with 2 chrome beaters and a wire balloon whisk. The bottom of the mixer is fitted with a heel rest to keep it in an upright position while you add ingredients. The retractable cord makes storage a breeze.

  • 6 Speeds
  • 250 Watt Motor

Krups GN4928 Digital Hand Mixer

This lightweight hand mixer from Krups has 10 speeds and a turbo boost controlled by a sliding button. The designers at Krups included a pause button in this mixer’s timer feature because they know just how much multi-tasking goes on in the kitchen.

This handheld mixer set includes 1 whisk, 2 dough hooks and 2 silicone coated beaters. The silicone on the lower portion of the beaters scrape the bowl as you mix and greatly reduces the noise of the beaters striking the bowl.

A compact storage case that snaps on to the mixer body is also included to hold the accessories.

  • 10 Speed settings
  • Count-up timer
  • Quiet to use

Sunbeam Hand and Stand Mixer Combo

This Sunbeam mixer combines the best of both mixer worlds. This versatile 5 speed mixer can convert between a handheld and stand mixer. By pushing a release button on the hinge of the stand, you can easily lift off the mixer.

Our Rating
In just one touch, the stand mixer converts to a hand mixer for lighter tasks.

For those times you need an added boost of speed, this mixer features a Burst of Power button. This Sunbeam combo includes 2 chrome beaters, 2 dough hooks and a 3-quart stainless steel bowl. The bowl is removable from the base for use with the hand mixer and for easy clean up.

  • 250-watt motor
  • 5 Speeds

A new hand mixer can have you whipping up exciting recipes in no time! With mixers for every budget and desired feature, we hope our list of the Top 10 Best Hand Mixers helped to make your decision easier.

Kitchen Hand Mixer Buying Guide

Hand mixers are among the most convenient kitchen equipment to date. They not only cut your workload by over 50%, but they also do the job much better than your whisk or hand.

But with all the models available on the market, how exactly can you pick the ideal mixer? This kitchen hand mixer buying guide will list everything you need to consider before getting yourself a new mixer!


The hand mixer’s stability is something a lot of buyers often overlook. Some manufacturers give their hand mixers a rounded or curved base for aesthetic purposes, but it isn’t the most practical choice. If the base is too small or too curved, the hand mixer is bound to topple over.

You also have to make sure that the cord won’t get in the way when you put the mixer on the countertop.

Beater Attachments

Some beater attachments are made of wire, while others are made of reinforced nylon or silicone. Wire beaters are generally more durable than the latter two, but it may scratch your bowl and rust out if not cleaned properly.

On the other hand, silicone-coated beaters allow you to safely mix all the way to the sides of the bowl without worrying about damaging it.

Many hand mixers come with extra attachments like dough hooks, flex edge beaters, and even spatulas. While these attachments aren’t always a necessity, they’ll certainly make your baking process much easier, quicker, and enjoyable.


Hand mixers come in a number of speed options. You’ll most commonly find hand mixers with three speeds to choose from, but the more advanced models come with as many as 16 different options like the Nesco HM-350 Hand Mixer. The greater the speed, the more control you have when baking.

Truth be told, I didn’t particularly miss the ultra-high-speed settings when I changed from 10 to 5. Although it’ll cut a minute or two while making batter, it isn’t really that significant with all things considered.

It’s also worth checking the slow-start feature of a mixer. Sometimes, the “slowest speed” is still too fast. I can’t count how many times a cloud of flour flew all over my face while baking because I’ve underestimated how fast the “slow” option is!

Furthermore, some recipes call for extremely gentle whisking. You can’t achieve that if you’re using a mixer that doesn’t have a slow feature. Testing the speed is extremely important, so don’t miss this step!


We don’t want our mixers to get the job done by the skin of its teeth. We want them to get it done well with as little effort as possible. This is where a hand mixer’s wattage comes in.

Watt refers to how much power goes into your mixer. Therefore, the higher the watt rating, the more powerful it is. Mixers with high wattage can take care of thick or big bowls of batter much easier and quicker than low-powered hand mixers.

Don’t settle for anything less than 200 watts as it won’t be able to handle anything thicker than a pancake batter. It’ll also most likely need to be replaced or repaired sooner than average.

Personally, I find that mixers powered at 250 watts are ideal for almost every type of batter in existence. Pricier models, like Braun, have extremely powerful motors that can range up to 350 watts. That’s just as strong as most stand mixers available today!


If you’d like to whip up a batch of pancakes without waking your partner or kids, it may be worth checking how loud the machine is.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a hand mixer that guarantees super-silent beating. However, there are several mixers that are quieter than others, like the Breville Handy Mix Scraper.


Unlike stand mixers, you have to hold a hand mixer for extended periods of time. This is why the comfort (and weight) of a mixer is just as important as the other factors on this list.

Make sure you’re buying a hand mixer that has an ergonomic handle designed specifically for a secure and comfortable grip. Curved handles with padded or silicone grips are great options as well, as they allow you to control the machine better.

When it comes to weight, most people prefer hand mixers that weigh no more than 2 to 3 pounds. Anything lighter than a pound might be too flimsy and harder to control.

Cord vs. Cordless

We all know what a corded hand mixer is; after all, it’s been around since the early ‘90s! Cordless hand mixers, however, are a fairly new invention. They’re more convenient for obvious reasons, especially if you don’t have a power source close to you. Plus, you can whip up a batch of cookies even while you’re in the garden making sure your little boy is actually mowing the lawn.

Despite the attractive concept, cordless hand mixers have yet to take over the culinary world. This is because they’re much more expensive than regular hand mixers and don’t hold up too well during extended use. They’re not as powerful, too.


When it comes to hand mixers, price doesn’t always equal quality. Hand mixers come in a wide variety of prices, from super cheap to jaw-droppingly expensive. I found that the best hand mixers generally cost between $50 and $80, but if you’re only planning to use them to whip a batter for boxed cupcakes, a $30 hand mixer will work just as well.

The most important things to consider are the specs and features. Do you really need a 550-watt mixer with 16 different speed options? If your answer is no, it’s better to save those extra few dollars for something else.

Bottom Line

Once you own a hand mixer, it’ll most likely become one of the most essential tools in your kitchen. When buying a mixer, a great place to start is to check its wattage, comfort, and speed. If it matches your basic needs, you can start checking the machine’s attachments, color, and other settings. Good luck!